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ATL3 knows that success depends on the ability of the “teacher” to present new material in a way the “student” can understand. This is what makes our services unique. We tailor the learning process to the client. By using the following two principles the technology becomes a tool with purpose.

Learning needs to be connected to meaningful experiences. We help the client connect new tasks and skills to experiences that are familiar or have special meaning. This can help him/her learn and understand new skills and then begin to generalize this knowledge to other places or activities. ATL3 makes learning fun for a child and meaningful for an adult.

Do you learn better by listening, watching, doing, or a combination? By adulthood we have usually figured out how we best learn. Do we give our children the same benefit? ATL3 will help your child by matching our teaching style to his/her learning style. He/she will pursue new tasks with more ease as he/she approaches the material in this way.

Child is picking PCS choices off a communication board.

Child is using a mouse to complete a language activity on the computer.

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