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Ann Leverette has been teaching children in some capacity for 30 years. In the early 70’s she assisted her mother, an LD Specialist and psychologist, who ran a summer “movement” school for children with LD. With an undergraduate degree in Environmental studies, she spent many years involved with outdoor and experiential education. Drawn to helping the few children with disabilities who came with their class to outdoor experiences overcome the obstacles of camping, climbing, paddling, and ropes courses, she found her niche: guiding children with disabilities to achieve their fullest potential.

With a masters degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Ann went on to co-develop a program at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia that taught children with Spina Bifida to be independent in their communities and families by learning social, recreational, self care, and problem solving skills. After 7- 1/2 years, at Shepherd, Ann went to The Marcus Institute in Atlanta to develop and run the child-life and Lekotek programs. Computer play became a vital part of the program as many children no matter what the disability could manipulate technology to help control their environments and engage in play activities.

After five years with The Marcus Institute, the love of academics and learning sent Ann to the public school system. Here she was able to incorporate her experiential teaching background, her experience with learning difference and styles through work with the LD summer school, and the use of assistive technology to increase students’ capacities to learn and be successful in the classroom. Anxious to spend more time one on one with students and impact their learning she started ATL3, Inc in the summer of 2001.

Ann is excited to be a part of a company that values each child’s unique outlook on life. She loves to learn from each client what makes him/ her “tick” and gear his/her technology use and learning experiences toward more independence, increased academic skills, and/or increased functional skills.

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